Thursday, February 21, 2019

Investment Lessons from Mahabharat :

The Kauravas trusted blindly in their uncle, Shakuni, who did not guide them correctly.

Lesson: Bad financial advice can impact your entire life negatively. Check the credentials of your Advisor and keep asking questions till you do not understand the pitch, and avoid mis-selling if the product doesn't suit you.

Yudhishthira lost everything, including their wife, Draupadi, in the game of dice.

Lesson: Addiction to anything can have grave adverse effects. Asset allocation & Diversification is the key. You should know your limits in Equity, and how much to invest in Debt.

Krishna’s guidance helped Pandavas emerge victorious in the war.

Lesson: Wrong instrument choices and poor performance can be resolved with the right strategy.

Abhimanyu knew how to enter the battlefield but didn’t know how to exit, which, ultimately, led to his death.

Lesson: Half knowledge is a dangerous thing. Don't enter into any investment vehicle, until you have an exit strategy.

Moral : Always take professional advice before doing any financial decision.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

SIP INSURE..Create Wealth With Life Cover

One of my client get more than 6L as a benefit beside his SIP amount become double in the time span of about 8years. This event force me the write this column.

We all tend to invest via SIPs. There is no doubt that Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is one of the best way to invest our money systematically.

SIP has become the
most popular tool for investing in Mutual Funds,
because it helps us to invest small amounts every month and build substantial
wealth over long term.

Not only that, it also helps us in achieving
various financial
goals like Retirement, Child’s Education and Marriage, Buying house, etc.

We all are aware with regards to benefits that SIPs offer.

Can you think of an additional benefit which you might get from SIP?

Its Life Insurance. And that too, it is provided absolutely free of cost.

What is SIP Insurance facility?

It is a facility of group life insurance cover provided free of cost by select AMCs like Relaince, and Aditya Birla to investors who invest via monthly SIPs in pre-defined schemes. This feature provides coverage against the uncertainties of life besides enabling investors to accumulate wealth.

Why SIP Insurance?

Free Insurance Cover -

Get max up to 120 times Free Group Life Insurance cover on your monthly SIP installment amount.

Long Term Growth -

Your money grows as per funds performance. Since you invest for long term, this works best in your favor.

Tax Saving -

Enjoy tax benefit along insurance cover and investment growth in Tax Savings scheme
One can get Triple benefit of Wealth creation, Tax saving and insurance cover by starting an SIP in ELSS schemes.

One more thing if you are a conservative investor, though you get the benefit of SIP INSURe, as Aditya birla provides insurance facility in his debt fund too, as we all knoe debt fund invest in bonds not in equity, hence you will get approx 7–9 % without any exposure to equity with insurance.

So, now whenever you want to start a new SIP, go for the SIP INSURE.

Say 'no' to paperwork and time-consuming processes while starting an SIP.

Go digital with 100% paperless.

Starting an SIP online with sampark online mobile app is now as easy as a keyless start to a car.

So download the app and start investing now..

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Thursday, December 13, 2018

MY INTERACTION with one of my client on 12.12.2018

MY INTERACTION with one of my client on 12.12.2018

Sensex up today by 600 points* :scream:

Manish : I am wondering Dr. AAA, why this market is going up n up in spite of RBI governor Urjit Patel resigned and BJP lost 3 states? 🤔

SAMPARK: You cannot predict SENSEX. Not even analysts. I always tell you, don't do market timing, time in the market is important for Wealth Creation. :yum:

Manish : Ya, true but why did this happen? :scream:

SAMPARK: Tell me how many vehicles were there in your society before 10 years and today?

Manish : more than double. :yum:

Manish : Have u upgraded your vehicle?

Manish : Yes.

SAMPARK: How was your salary before 10 years and today?

Manish : more than Double :grinning:

SAMPARK: Are u using same mobile which was used before 10 years?

Manish : No way.

SAMPARK: Then how can you expect degrowth in SENSEX. It is made up of companies. And those companies are growing and so you. And so SENSEX is growing.

Manish : But????

SAMPARK: Understand one thing.... UPA came and went, BJP came and will go, another government will come and will go, but your growth (meaning INDIANS) is permanent and India is made up of people like you. So India's growth is permanent and so Companies growth and so SENSEX's growth is permenant.

But yes..many corrections will come but they are temporary.

Manish : Oh..your quote..

*Correction is temporary and growth is permanent*

I will definitely tell my friends and family to invest more in equity mutual funds. Thanks you

So download our moble app  and start investing now..

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Monday, October 29, 2018

Correction is temporary.. Growth is permanent..Part 2

In this volatile times, when *Market* are down non stop, and no big local positive news happening where do we get conviction to stay invested in equity.

Conviction comes from quality of management and business.


Has maruti stopped making new cars and expansion of volumes ...?:car:

Has hpcl, bpcl,.... shutdown even one single pump due to high crude prices ...? :fuelpump:

Has jubiliant foods stop making dominos pizza...?:pizza:

Have school going children stopped buying bata shoes...?:mans_shoe:

Have ITC stop making cigarettes...?:smoking:

Did any bank send you back home saying, sorry sir no cash available today...?:moneybag:

Have people stopped taking baths and washing clothes with HUL products...?:ok_woman:🏻♂

Is any flight of indigo flying empty...?:airplane:

If answer to all above question is a big *NO* .... then why do we worry.

Prices of shares and NAVs of many good funds are available at lower
than demonitisation phase value of dec 2016

After demonitisation 2017 was a non stop dream run.:chart_with_upwards_trend:

So logically the seeds of next bull run are silently being sowed by smart investors.:seedling:

Finally 3 important things.

*1. If you are already fully invested, dont panic just hang on.

*2. If you have room for further investment, get brave and invest wisely in equity.

*3. If you are doing equity SIP you are already part of savvy investor.

Read my previous article Correction is temporary.. Growth is permanent

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