Monday, December 21, 2009



News,market analysis and everything published here are my personnal observation from different sites.

Recommendations given here are based on the theory of technical analysis and personal observations. This does not claim for profit. I am not responsible for any losses made by traders. It is only the outlook of the market with reference to its previous performance. You are advised to take your position with your sense and judgment. We are trying to consider the fundamental validity of stocks as far as possible, but demand and supply affects it with vision variations.

Discloser- I do not have any personal position in any stocks. It is safe to assume that my clients could have some positions and hence I am interested in above written stocks.

Disclaimer 2 : 
Some of the postings of mine in this whole forum is not fully my own collection.
Some are downloaded from internet posted by some one else.
I am just saving some time of our forum users to avoid searching everywhere.
Am not violating any copy rights law or not any illegal action am not supposed to do.
If anything is against law please notify so that they can be removed  

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