Thursday, February 25, 2010


key highlights of Railway

􀂄 No plans for privatization of Railways
􀂄 Focus on increasing private participation
􀂄 FY10 target revision - Freight target revised to 890 MT from 882 MT
􀂄 FY11 (BE) - Freight target - 944 MT
􀂄 No increase in freight tariff
􀂄 No hike in passenger fare

Performance of 2009-10

􀂄 Net revenue estimates for FY10 stand at Rs.64.9bn and surplus after payment of
dividend of Rs.55.39bn is expected to be at Rs.9.51bn levels
􀂄 Net profits to be at Rs.13.28bn for FY10
􀂄 Gross traffic receipts for FY10 is at Rs.883.5bn i.e. an increase of 10.7%.
􀂄 Railways is expected to record freight loading of 890MT during FY10 (target
revised from 882MT), accordingly the freight earnings have been increased to
Rs.58716crs which is 0.3% above the budget estimates.
􀂄 Target growth in passenger traffic was expected to be by 4.8% which could not be
achieved hence the passenger earnings have been scaled down by about 1% to
􀂄 IRFC borrowing for FY10 has been revised to Rs.91.5bn
􀂄 Of the 120 new trains, extensions and increase in frequencies announced last
year, 117 would be flagged off by the end of March 2010

Annual Plan 2010-11

􀂄 Thrust on Vision 2020, economic viability of the projects as well as social
􀂄 Annual Plan outlay has been kept at Rs.41426crs. an increase of Rs.1142crs
over last year. Out of which, New Lines (1021kms) - Rs.4411crs, Passenger
amenities - Rs.1302crs (compared to Rs.923crs in FY10) and Metro Projects -
􀂄 Gross Traffic Receipts estimated at Rs.94765crs, i.e. Rs.6490crs more than
􀂄 The dividend payable to general revenues kept at Rs.6608crs.
􀂄 Budgeted operating ratio for FY11 is estimated to be at 92.3%.
􀂄 Expected revenue from passenger earning is Rs.261.27bn and freight earning
is Rs.624.89bn for FY11
􀂄 For FY11, the govt keeps the provision for total expenses at Rs.87bn of which
Ordinary Working Expenses work up to Rs.65bn.
􀂄 The govt also aims to increase non core earnings to Rs.10 billion from Rs.1.5
billion through branding/advertising of railway properties.
􀂄 Freight loading targeted at 944 MT - an increment of 54 MT.
􀂄 Number of passengers likely to grow by 5.3 %.
􀂄 Indian Railway Finance Corporation will borrow Rs.91.2billion ($1.97 billion)
from the market in 2010/11.
􀂄 800 km of gauge conversion and 700km of doubling targeted
􀂄 Sets aside Rs.10bn for metro projects I.e. an increase by 5%
􀂄 To invest Rs.8.58bn under PPP projects for FY11


􀂄 There would be a reduction of Rs.100 per wagon in freight charges for carrying
fertilizer, food grains for domestic consumption and kerosene,
􀂄 The technicians of the regional film industry would get 75 per cent concession in
second class sleeper and 50 per cent in higher classes in all trains while
travelling for film production-related work.
􀂄 Cancer patients traveling for treatment would get 100 per cent concession in
third AC and sleeper classes.
􀂄 Service charges on e-tickets will be reduced to Rs.10 for sleeper class and
Rs.20 for AC classes. The present charges are Rs.15 and Rs.40, respectively.
􀂄 The benefit of 50 per cent concession to the spouse of accredited journalists
has been extended to the companions of those who do not have a spouse. Their
dependent children of up to 18 years of age would also get 50 per cent concession
once a year

Other Highlights

For Public
􀂄 54 long distance trains to be introduced
􀂄 28 new passenger train services, 9 MEMU and 8 DEMU services to start
􀂄 10 more Duronto trains to be introduced
􀂄 Routes of 21 trains to be extended
􀂄 101 new suburban trains for Mumbai
􀂄 381 diagnostic centers throughout India to be set up alongside hospitals
􀂄 117 trains to be flagged off within the next seven months
􀂄 Withdrawal of railway examination fees for people minorities, women and OBC
􀂄 To introduce modern trolleys at railway stations
􀂄 To provide SMS updates of reservation status.
􀂄 To launch double-decker trains on pilot basis
􀂄 Larger section of population to get connectivity over the next five years
􀂄 Up gradation of 94 stations. Propose to take up another 93 multi functional
For Corporates
􀂄 To start door to door service for freight movement
􀂄 Premium Tatkal service for parcel, freight movements
􀂄 To implement 1,000 route km in one year, 25,000 km in Vision 2020
􀂄 To acquire 18000 wagons.
􀂄 RFID technology for tracking of wagons
􀂄 10 automobile and ancillary hubs to be created
􀂄 North-south, east-west dedicated freight corridors to be created
􀂄 More multi-functional hospitals to be set up
􀂄 Construction of high-speed passenger rail corridors envisaged
􀂄 Private operators can run special freight trains
􀂄 5 wagon factories planned
􀂄 54 Surveys for new lines, 2 for gauge conversion, 7 for doubling and 5 others to
be taken up
􀂄 To buy 480 locomotives in FY11


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