Wednesday, October 13, 2010

10 qualities of a successful leader:

Everybody wishes to become a successful leader in life. Certainly, we have to welcome and appreciate his ambition. But by mere wish, one cannot become a leader. One should attain these leadership skills to become a good leader either in your personal or work life.

10 leadership qualities:

1. Must be decisive:

He should be in position to make timely decisions on his own accord, depending upon the situation, without depending on others.

2. Praising sincerely:

He should feel enjoyment by praising other people’s work and also encourage them further to improve their skills.

3. Giving the feedback:

Keeping the information channels open and allow them to flow in all ways, so that others (including colleagues and employees) should be in touch with latest knowledge.

4. Willing to join at all times:

He should be in a position to join the staff to complete that work at any stage and should not insist that certain tasks are below his dignity.

5. Taking the responsibility:

He takes the responsibility, if any untoward incident occurs in the organization. He never passes the buck to others. He also knows pretty well, how to reprimand or fire the staff, if any serious irregularities committed by them.

 6. Prefers direct communication:

If he wants to tell anything to the followers, He speaks directly to them and rarely opts for paperwork (for communication).

7. Credible and consistent:

The leader is always credible and also firm in his approach, regarding any dealing with others. He never behaves unpredictably.

8. Encourage the talent:

He likes to promote the talented persons among the staff members, to higher up positions in the administration. He never assumes the notion, that there is better talent elsewhere.

9. Have the positive approach:

He thinks positively and also acts to improve the performance of the organization. He leaves no stone unturned and also tries to inculcate positive thinking among the subordinates or the followers.

10. Honest and holy:

A leader should be honest in his activities, as honesty always pays; At the same time, he must be like holy person, without giving scope for impure thoughts and acts.

Remember the golden word: As told by Napoleon (France), one of the world’s greatest leaders.

Success Quote: “A leader is a dealer in hope”.
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