Friday, October 22, 2010

Causes of Fear – How to overcome it?

The following 4 things are common for all living beings:

1. Food: for living and survival.

2. Sleep: to recoup the bodily energy (as sleep provides rest to the body).

3. Sex: It is a biological need and it serves many purposes, like:

-calm up the exiting sensory organs,
 -Removes the feeling of loneliness,
 -Helps to control the blood pressure,
 -Brings pleasure to the mind and body, etc.

4. Fear: What for?

The above four things are even though present in all creatures, man’s response and worrying about them is to some extent is more. But, after fulfilling the three acts, they will not give trouble to you.

But in case of fear, the situation is different and it is always accompanying us. So let us discuss about it and clear the doubts.

Even infants (children below I year of age) suddenly wake up from the sleep and show feelings of disturbance and excitement. That means, since our birth, the fear giving some sort of discomfort to us, with or without any cause.

The usual causes for the fear-complex are:

-Getting diseases by indulging in irregular food habits and other immoral activities.

-The rich are always spending the days in sleepless-nights, as how to save their huge amounts of money, either from thieves or harmful known persons.

 -The people with name and fame in the society may think that one day their name may be tarnished, unless they behave carefully.

-Rulers afraid of their enemies.

-Beautiful women and handsome men worry of their old age.

-The good and the noble people afraid of bad and rowdy elements.

 -Every living being worry about the inevitable death-feeling.

But is there any place on this earth to live in safely and without fear on this earth?

How to overcome fear?

First of all one must know that what we are seeing and enjoying in this word are ephemeral (temporary) and they disappear from our sight on one day. So we should develop detachment and also less inclination towards them.

We should also realize that which is eternal and truthful is nothing but God and once we realize this fact, automatically the feeling of ‘’ this is mine and this is I’’ goes out of our mind and we will be free from “fear”. Other wise the fear of cycle goes on and no mental peace to us.

Our role, as long as we live in this world is just like trustee or steward. Moreover, we are ambassadors of God, in this world. Every thing here belongs to God.

The golden rule is: “where there is detachment, there is no fear’’. Everything moves around depending on “attachment and detachment’
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