Sunday, November 7, 2010

Steps to make Office life happier:

Follow these simple rules for happy work life:

Save your eyes:  Sit a comfortable distance away from a computer screen. Your eyes should be at level with the top of the screen. Adjust your monitor accordingly. Keep brightness and contrast of your monitor at optimal levels.

Smoking: Stop smoking. It causes heart attacks, Lung cancer and bronchiectasis.

Alcoholism: It causes cirrhosis of liver. It is a slow poison. It destroys your health and wealth.

Dietary habits: Take your diet at regular intervals. Take more green leafy vegetables and lots of fruits. Never skip a breakfast and meals. Try to avoid sweets and fast foods. Colas are rich in empty calories. Keep them away.

Exercise: Exercise is necessary for your body and brain.

Body exercise: Walking is the best and simple exercise for everyone.

Mind exercise: Read books and do puzzles. Try to think every situation in a different manner (out of box).

Sleep problems: Sleep at a regular intervals. Never use sedatives and alcohol.

Learn meditation and yoga. Keep calm in difficult situations.
Source: Business Today

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