Monday, December 6, 2010

Tips to improve confidence:

Confidence is one of the main attribute of a good personality. It is must to succeed in life. Many people say they lost their several important chances because the lack of confidence. Confidence is not pretending “I have all”, but reflecting the good features of you. So find out the inner beauty of you and reflect it in personality. Here some tips to increase your confidence level.

Be confident while talking: 
The very easy method from which the people can measure your confidence level is to listen your talking.

• So don’t be shy and frustrated while talking to others.

• While you talk look at the persons’ eye who hearing you. It will show your confidence in talking. Don’t look here and there and don’t talk very fast.

• Make sure that the listener is interested in your talk. Be careful about the subject of conversation. The other person may not be interested in your topic of talking.

• It is very important to being a good listener. Be patient and try to understand what others telling. If you do so others will have a good opinion about you.

Dressing style: A good dressing style can lift your confidence level much.

• Don’t try costumes which are not suitable for you even though it is latest fashion and beautiful.

• Whatever you wear it should be comfortable for you.

• Always select dresses according to your taste and life style. It should be matching to your profession.

• You can try simple make up while go out if it helps your confidence.

• A confident face is the main attraction. You should keep up a mentality of “whatever I have, I am contented with that”.

• Try to be clean and fresh always.

Prepare well: 
If you have to attend a public meeting or any type of function and if you are supposed to perform there, you should prepare well! Good rehearsals will help you perform with much confidence. After all, you should develop a positive attitude to all. It will give you confidence.

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