Tuesday, March 22, 2011

16 causes for failure :

Quote: failure is the stepping stone to success. Every one is afraid of failures.

Characterestics of failed people:

1. They cannot execute their plans successfully.

2. They do not agree to analyse the negative points present in them.

3. They try to conceal the facts and try to deceive others morally.

4. They never think of new thoughts and also not wish to venture to do new things. They like to adhere to old thoughts only whether they are good or bad.

5. Obedience and dedication are not found in their dictionary.

6. They run behind in continuing further human relations.

7. They don’t have any estimation and don’t like to utilize their intelligences and energies.

8. They often say luck does not favour them, or their time is not good. It indicates that they are not sincerely attempting to do anything.

9. They afraid of the word “failure”.

10. They have less self-confidence.

11. They consider to do hard work, as weakness.

12. They are stubborn and are of the opinion that whatever they think is correct (even though it is wrong).

13. They are having the butterfly mentality that is not fixed type. They go along with the wind.

14. They own take any trouble to achieve the target.

15. Succss and failure are the two sides of the coin. The failed people always see the negative side only. They do not like to turn the coin to see the other side that is success.

16. Sucess is not as easy as you think.  

The life histories successful people show that they suffered so many hardships to overcome the failure.
Source : successsecret

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