Monday, March 28, 2011

How to achieve Success and mental peace :

Everyone wants success in his life and it is nothing but part and parcel in our personality development. Mental peace plays a prominent role in achieving the success. Everywhere people like to see the smiling face and serene mind. 

How to achieve mental peace and success: 

1. Fearlessness:

It is said that a fearless mind can achieve anything. Where there is no fear, there will be no tension and anxiety and automatically peace prevails there. Then our mind works clearly and is in balanced state. As we know that, balanced mind never makes hasty decisions. Serene Mind acts as a loving mother and it provides you with right answers and suggestions depending upon you requirements and the situations.

2. Constant reading:

One can attain knowledge through constant reading and observation. As we know well, “knowledge is strength”. We have to behave according to conditions and situations prevailing there. Timely act brings success, for example, getting the job or passing in the competitive exams.

3. Will power:

Persons having this power are usually away from weaknesses like laziness, postponing mentality, etc. They move towards success with a style which is peculiar to them. They never become slaves to bad habits and deeds. They are with sufficient mental strength.

4. Discipline:

It comes only with will power. People having this power can face the challenges and problems that occur in life, with confidence and courage. Disciplined persons rarely fail in either professional or personal life. Discipline, perseverance, patience and self-belief are the chief characteristics in personality development.

5. Punctuality:

If you wish that your future should be perfect and successful, preparations and planning for the future should be done now itself that is in the present time only. Present day is equal to ready cash payment and tomorrow is equal to cheque payment (may be bounced).

Success quoteNever postpone a thing till tomorrow, what can be done today”.

6. Honesty:

The foundation for anybody’s life is “honesty” only. Honesty is the best policy to follow in life. If you commit any mistake, accept it and correct it honestly. Don’t disturb your mental peace with dishonest things.

7. Self –confidence:

History is created by few persons who believed in themselves. They will go against convictions and achieve success and create history. They will never stop innovative thinking for the fear of failure.

The great leader and president of America, Abraham Lincoln, usually did things according to his consciousness and became world famous and successful in life. If you want reach to your goal in life, self-confidence is highly essential.

Success quote: “All power is within you” – Hindu spiritual guru Swami Vivekananda.
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