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How to Make Healthy Relationships :

Relationship is a special type of association of some kind between two things or two human beings. There are several distinctive forms of relationships, including interpersonal relationships, mathematical relationships, cause-effect relationships, systemic relationships, and healthy relationships.

Healthy RelationshipsThe term 'relationship' is often used where 'relation' would serve adequately; but the usage of the term 'relationship' would be better for human relations or states of relatedness. There are different kinds of relationships and relationship problems. Several terms were made upon the primary conception of relationship, which have widespread application to other fields.

We are supposed to be guests ever since mankind came to inhabit the earth. So we are perpetually striving to find the appropriate formula of a healthy relationship with everyone and everything we bump into. You will be acquainted with the labyrinthine complexities of love relationships, long distance relationships, and other types of relationships as you grow up and mature with time.

Good and healthy relationships are essential to our lives and happiness. They have a good effect on our lives and we remain mentally stable and emotionally fit. Maintaining healthy relationships can be a difficult and challenging task but a little bit of patience and understanding can sometimes do the trick. When you have healthy relationships around you, you are in a more stable mind frame and you can make people happy and help them relive their stress.

Sometimes if children see unhealthy relationships from their very childhood then they develop a lot of problems and complexes. Sometimes they turn into manic depressive individuals or sometimes even juvenile delinquents. Often there have been cases that when these children grow up they cannot build healthy relationships as they themselves have never seen one.

How to Make Healthy Relationships :

Maintaining any relationship for that matter is difficult. Be it a father, son relationship or a mother daughter husband wife or any other relationship, it demands a lot out of you if you want to make healthy relationships. Each relationship has a different angle and has a different way to deal with it. You can treat your husband the way you would treat your daughter or son. Each relationship has definite characteristics out of which arouses different feelings and emotions. Healthy relationships take up a lot of your time and energy. When your relationships go downhill you always suffer a mental blow and trauma. To maintain healthy relationships you should follow certain steps so that you can ensure its success. They are as follows:

Sharing and Communicating :

A very significant and important part of any relationship is sharing and communicating. You should be able to talk to one and another rand share everything that happens. There should be clarity in healthy relationship and everybody should open their heart out to their close ones. One should be honest and should not lie and share all types of thoughts. One should also listen to other and understand their view point. It should not be a one sided affair that you only listen and your partner says. Show them by sharing and communicating things with them that you are an important person in their lives.

Trust and Respect

In healthy relationships one should show trust and respect to each other otherwise you cannot maintain any relationship. Whoever might be younger or elder to you respecting them is very important. If you do not show respect the relationship cannot survive. Another aspect is trusting each other which are an essential part of a relationship. One should not blindly trust someone but it is important that you have faith in the other person. Then again ignoring the signs of warning would be foolishness. Disagreements happen but one can always sort out things and figure a way out.

Forgiving and Sacrificing

With time all relationships take a different turn and you never know what is coming next. People makes mistake and things take another turn which you may not like. But the best and beautiful part is when you learn to forgive someone for their mistakes. You will not be belittled if you learn to forgive. But with forgiving you should also learn to forget because you would definitely not want to bring up old stuff when you are talking. So to maintain healthy relationships you have to learn to forgive.

If you really love someone you will be able to give up things for them. Often in love situations would come up when you would have to choose one between two and in the end you do sacrifice things which you really like or love doing. Often you sacrifice your career or your other priorities to give more importance to something else just because you want to maintain healthy relationships.

Dependable and Flexible

To maintain healthy relationships you have to be dependable. Dependability does not come it has to be achieved. You can be depended regarding everything from finances to social and emotional support. You should make yourself worthy of that. You should not be rigid if you have to maintain healthy relationships. Flexibility makes you eligible for making healthy relationships. Adjust or be flexible to each and every situation so that you can make any relationship into a big success.

Do you have a healthy relationship?

Finding out whether you can really keep or maintain healthy relationships is very essential. You should try and make an effort to know because that can determine a lot of things in your life. Because if your relationships break then is you who are going to suffer the most. Sometimes it feels that everything is perfect but all your s called healthy relationships seem to suffer, but the causes are often unknown. If you are feeling sad and angry all the time then you know that your healthy relationships are no more and just a figment of your imagination. Do not fool yourself if you see the signs of warning. You relationship should be balanced and you should feel safe when you are in that relationship. And one note of advice never compromise if you have a healthy relationship you do not deserve to be in one.
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