Sunday, April 3, 2011

20 tips to lead successful daily life :

We have to follow these 20 simple things in our daily life to reduce stress and enjoy happy life.
1. Silence: As soon as you rise from the bed, observe ten minutes os silence without any thoughts, which give you peace of mind through out the day. Learn meditation and Yoga.

2. Color of cloths: Colored cloths for teenagers and white cloths for adults give enthusiasm as per latest research.

3. Goodness: Memorize all the good things you did in your life. Forget the bad memories.

4. Sleep: 6-8 hours of good sleep is necessary. This is necessary to recoup body and mind.

5. No negative thoughts: If you think negatively, the body secretes hormones and chemicals which in turn cause stress.

6.Happiness: Cheerfulness not only energizes you, but also your colleagues.

7. Friends: Try to spend your spare time with like minded persons. Keep away from negative mentality people.

8.Answers and Solutions: In stead of bothering about your problems, try to find solutions. It will raise your confidence levels.

9. Caffeine: Not more than 2-3 cups. Don’t get addicted to them.

10.Love: Love increases life time of a person. Love makes life beautiful.

11.Different things: Routine life activities bring boredom. Try to make routine things in different ways i.e.; Change your breakfast menu, cultivate new hobbies, travel to new places etc.

12.Challenges: Take up new challenges with courage.

13. Writing: Maintain a diary of your activities. Try to put in your feelings. It will reduce your stress.
Ex: American President Abraham Lincoln used to write his hard feelings in the paper and through them into dustbin.

14. Argument: As the proverb says, argument brings fire and Discussion brings light. Just listen to the other person’s opinion sand try to think in his perspective.

15. Aim: Aim high, work hard and achieve them. You get ultimate happiness when you achieve your goals.

16. Weeping: Don’t try to suppress your emotions. Crying helps to reduce stress.

17. Breakfast: Never skip breakfast. Take breakfast like a emperor.

18. Exercise: Brisk walking for 45-60 minutes is the best form of exercise.

19. Writer: Take at least 2-3 liters’ of water per day.

20. GOD: Last but not least. Start your day with a prayer to God. Prayer unlocks your mind to happiness. Faith in God brings enormous power to your daily life.
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