Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to define and measure success?

Success has got wide meaning and it can be applied in a number of ways. Many great personalities of the world described it in a number of ways, depending upon their experience and understanding.
1. Passing in the examinations and getting maximum number of marks.

2. Getting a job in an interview, for which he has appeared.

3. Winning in the election, which he contested, defeating his nearest rival.

4. Earning lot of amount of money, in the business he is doing.

Like wise, we can give number of examples. But, here a few other definitions are given, as per the observations and understanding of other great personalities.

Success means:

1. To laugh often with others.

2. To win the respect of the intelligent people.

3. Win the affection of the children.

4. To earn the appreciation of the honest persons.

5. To endure the betrayal of the false friends.

6. To be obedient (not showing displeasure) to the higher authorities.

The other meaning of success is as follows:

1. at the age of 4 years: Not passing urine on the bed.

2. at the age of 10 years: Sleeping alone on the bed.

3. 15 years old: Having friends.

4. 25 years of age: having sexual gratification with the life-partner.

5. 40-50 years old: having money.

6. 60 -70 years old: Able to do self- cooking, without depending on others.

7. 80-90 years old: not passing urine on the bed. (Old people often behave like children and we should look after them very carefully).

Success means different things to different people.
Work hard and enjoy every moment of work to attain success in life.
Nothing is impossible to passionate hardworking people.
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