Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things to know before making money from online surveys firms

It seems so incredibly simple that you wonder why people sweat it out to make a living. Just a few clicks of the mouse every week can earn you a handsome income. Online survey schemes are the new El Dorados for anyone looking for easy money.

You need to take just two online surveys comprising 10-12 questions to pocket up to Rs 900 a week. The more surveys you can handle, the more money you can earn.

If online survey companies are to be believed, millions of Indians are making bushels of money through this innovative multi-level marketing model.

"We have almost 1.3 million panelists (members) working for us," says Vivek Gautam, chief marketing officer of Speakasiaonline.com, a Singapore-based market research company that started operations in India about a year ago.

That is almost 1% of the total Internet population in India. At least four other online survey companies are active in India right now, drawing all kinds of fortune hunters (see table).

Meet Sudhir Sharma, an employee of a public-sector insurance company in Delhi, who has been in the online survey business for the past 2-3 months.

"It's a great opportunity to make money in your free time," he says. Police officers, corporate managers, housewives, unemployed youth, school teachers, even IT professionals, are clicking away to glory every week.

Where's the catch? You need to pay a joining fee to become a panelist. The money goes into buying a subscription for the training manual and towards other costs.


The person who referred you also gets a cut. However, the income projections by the survey companies suggest that the joining fee can be recouped within 8-10 weeks. If you join a survey company, the going gets better if you get others to jump on to the bandwagon. For every new person you bring in, there's a referral bonus waiting for you. You also earn rewards for every survey taken by the members you rope into the scheme. 
Source : ET

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