Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mutual Fund Portfolio Service :

With more than 4000 Mutual Fund Schemes and more than 42 Mutual Funds,
how do you ensure that you get independent, unbiased, expert advice to select the right Mutual Fund Scheme for your portfolio? Don’t Guess!

Use ours proven research methodology to your Mutual Fund Portfolio.
We offers various FREE Mutual Fund Tools, to track your Mutual Funds.
You can track Your Mutual Funds in a very easy way.
Use Our Mutual Fund Portfolio Service NOW!

Do you currently have a mutual fund portfolio that is not perfect for you?
Are you saddled with funds that are not performing to your expectations?
Do you find it difficult to assess which mutual funds should be in your portfolio and which ones you should get rid of?

Our expert Research Team suggests that you should consider the following parameters to ensure that your portfolio continues to build wealth for you:
  • Hold a limited number of schemes which provide adequate diversification across market capitalization and investment styles
  • There should be only 1-2 sector or industry concentration
  • Hold the consistent performers, as opposed to the ‘flash in the pan’ performers
  • The mutual funds should have a track record over various market cycles like bull and bear phases
  • Finally, it should reflect your expectations and help you sleep peacefully at night.
With our experience researching mutual funds, and track records of recommendations that speak for themselves, our Mutual Fund Portfolio Service will provide you with the best advice for the health of your investments.

Under this one-time, personalized service, you will receive:
  • Buy / Sell / Hold recommendations on your existing portfolio
  • A fresh portfolio that is suitable for you, constructed based on your requirement and risk profile
  • We provide user id and password for every individual to avail the Mutual Fund Portfolio of diffrent AMCs under one single page.
To avail of this service and avail honest, expert and unbiased recommendations, all you need to do is Contact Us.

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