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The art of living – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the famous well known Guru of joy and a great man preached so many good things and also golden words to the devotees, which are useful in our daily life as this life is not a bed of roses but full of thorns (problems and troubles).

Swamiji teachings help us a lot to lead a happy and peaceful life. These teachings suggest ways to rejuvenate and transform our lives.

The teachings of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

1. This is a technical age and machines are playing the major roll. Swami says that man’s life should not become mechanical, as humanity in us is present since our birth. A house with full of luxury items does not give comfort to us.

2. This speedy and tension life is making man to spend sleepless nights. To avoid such anxiety and tension life, our mind should be pure and in clear condition.

3. We should have the natural qualities and emotions like, love kindness, compassion, pity, charity and self- examination daily. At the same time we should also know about the bad effects of emotions like, anger, egoism, Jealousy and hatred. Tried to avoid them

4. Swami also advises us to know about the value of our life and the purpose of our birth in this world. To improve our status of life still further and in better way, the first step is –to know about ourselves.

Put the following questions to yourself:

1. Is there any meaning to my existence here?
2. To which way my life’s journey is going?
3. Am I moving in right direction?

But one thing you may not get immediate answers. Many people don’t know the answers for the above questions. Even if anybody knows the answers, he will not reveal them to others.

That is why, man is confused state. Man needs a Sadguru (a renowned teacher) to make him free from this confused condition.
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