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Suicide- Causes, Symptoms and Management

Many of us suffer from depression, at any time in our life, which may be in varying intensity- from mild to serious types. Depression is nothing but loosing interest or enthusiasm in life. There are so many causes or reasons for this type of mental agony.

Suicide- causes:

1. When a person looses his property in business.

2. When one is rejected or cheated by, his or her love or lover.

3. When a person is suffering from a dreadful diseases like-cancer, HIV/AIDS etc.

4. When a person is not able to secure a rank in the competitive test, thereby not able to get a job, or actually fails in the exam.

5. When one is neglected by his or her family members, including the children.

6. When one problem is aggravated with additional problems.

7. When a person with bodily disorder is jeered at by the people around.

8. when one is subjected to meaningless phobias or anxiety, etc.

9. When others in the past, committed suicide, under similar circumstances.

10. Often many women develop depression after giving birth to a child (during postpartum period), due to imbalances in levels of progesterone and estrogen hormones.

11. When he or she is suffering from psychiatric problems and other sexual disorders.

12. When a nearest relative dies or there is a death of any family member occurs.

13. When a higher officer scolds his assistant without assigning any valid reason, he develops depression.

14. Whenever, a person does not get nutritious or balanced diet, he may develop depression.

15. Occasionally, normal menstrual cycle aggravates the depression, if already present in a woman.

16. Depression runs in some families as a hereditary /genetic trait.

17. Staying alone in cities and not showing interest in getting married also causes depression especially in the youth now a day.

Signs and symptoms of Suicide mentality:

Suicide-tendency is more common in women, (may be due to they are soft –corner in nature) when compared to men. Moreover most of the males take many things in life very lightly.

1. Spend sleepless nights, thinking constantly.

2. Show no interest in food.

3. Either talk too much or keep absolute silence.

3. Write lengthy letters and never post them to any body.

4. Keep away from the friends or relatives, whom they like very much.

5. Often speak philosophically.

6. Showing lack of interest in the activities dearer to them earlier.

7. They give away their valuable articles in charity.

8. Collect different types of tablets and store them in secret.

9. Show lack of self-confidence and show displeasure and dismay.

10. They are always of the opinion that their life is waste.

Management of the case (patient):

1. As far as possible, he is not left alone.

2. He has to take balanced diet, even if he is not having sufficient appetite.

3. It is well and good, if the depressed person shared his feelings with his close friends.

4. Exercise is good for them, as it releases endorphins which elate the mood of the patient. Walking is the suitable exercise for this type of persons.

5. He may be under the false impression that depression is incurable, but the family members or friends have to enlighten him about the available latest treatment.

6. He should be taken to a psychiatrist for proper counseling and special treatment with antidepressant drugs. It is good to keep the patient under his care for a certain period of time
Source : Personality Development

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