Friday, November 9, 2012

Different options for investing in Gold :

Gold has become a very popular investment destination as it is the best hedge against inflation and provides a perfect diversification to any portfolio.

We are happy in providing different options for investing in Gold - Gold ETF, Gold Funds, E-Gold & Reliance My Gold Plan.

Gold ETFs :
Each unit of Gold ETF is approximatey equal to 1 gram of Gold.
Units can be bought or sold like shares through our NSE / BSE Terminals.
Units will get credited in your Demat account, like Shares.

Gold Funds :
"Fund of Funds", where amount mobilised will be invested in existing Gold ETFs.
Special advantage - you can invest in Gold in a systematic manner - through SIP.
Ideal option for investors who do not have a demat / trading account.

E-Gold - National Spot Exchange Limited :
You can purchase E-Gold like shares (exclusive trading account).
Purchased units will get credited in your Demat account (exclusive Demat account).
You can sell the units like shares.
Facility of taking physical delivery by surrendering E-Gold units.

Reliance My Gold Plan - In association with World Gold Council :
Enables you to save 24 Karat, 995 fineness pure Gold daily (Daily SIP).
Minimum investment Rs.1000 per month & in multiples of Rs.500 thereafter.
You can convert accumulated Gold into Gold Coins at multiple outlets across India.
For further informations and application forms, kindly contact SAMPARK


Michael said...

Gold is used for various purposes like one for making jewels, one for saving, and one for investments. Investing in gold is good option because as its price is increasing day by day and there are many options in the market for gold investment. There are a number of ways to invest on gold. To have a clear understanding about any type of investment plan, you can get the patronage of a financial adviser.
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Anonymous said...

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