Monday, March 4, 2013

Budget 2013: Women Empowerment :

Budget 2013-14 sought to recognize the progressive and productive role played by the Indian woman in the economy. In urban areas, women have become equal participants and are competing for opportunities across sectors. And rising education levels in rural areas is empowering women-folk to become equal stakeholders when it comes to earning income. At the same time, the Finance Minister has stressed that India has “collective responsibility to ensure the dignity and safety of (its) women” and announced a series of measures for women safety.

Budget 2013-14 announced a plan to set a bank for women. The bank with an initial investment of Rs 1,000 cr. will exclusively serve women. The government is looking at inaugurating the bank by October 2013.

This Bank for Women will offer credit to women and women run businesses. It will support women self-help groups and women livelihood.The bank will also largely employ women. The idea is to “address gender related aspects of empowerment and financial inclusion”
To address women safety issues, the government plans to launch a Rs 1,000 crore ‘Nirbhaya Fund’. The Ministry of Women and Child Development will plan the structure, scope and application of the fund.

The Budget also provided for an additional funding of Rs 200 cr allocation to the Ministry of Women and Child Development. The gender budget for 2013-14 has been set at Rs 97,134 cr.

Skill Development Scheme to also benefit young women. The National Skill Development Corporation will set the curriculum and standards for training in different skills for the youth of the country. Those who pass this training test will be awarded a certificate and a monetary award of about Rs.10,000. Government will initially invest Rs 1,000 cr on the scheme. 
Source : Franklin Tempelton

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