Monday, August 17, 2015

Earn More On Your Idle money :

As a Financial Advisor, We always says people to maintain some cash in your portfolio, as a emergency fund. Every person has a idle money. Now the question arise, where to put his idle money.

Businessman has his idle money in current a/c where he get nothing as an interest, whereas The serviceman has whole of his salary is in saving a/c where he get a little 4% interest in quarterly basis.
And where the housewife put her whole idle money… Yes in his almirah, to get nothing.

I have a solution: Liquid Funds
Have any one hear this word in past.
Yes this is the new way to put your idle money in Liquid Fund.
Here I given two charts to compare the benefits and utility of Liquid Funds.
Plz go through the charts and for more contact us

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