Friday, November 11, 2016

Let us stand together one more time...


I can happily standing i a queue for getting jio sim.

I can stand in a big queue line in temple for my greedy thought.

I can stand in a crowded queue line for a hero or for a leader.

I can show my patience at theaters and cricket ground.

I can also stand in a queue for a buffet party for getting our lunch or dinner.

But, I feel irritated when i am forced to stand in a line for my country.

*The unsung heroes in the current context are the Bankers.*

They are all slogging.
On one side, they have to meet all statutory requirements in such a short notice.

On the other side, they have to handle the customers who are in a state of confusion and panic.

They have to handle these and at the same time, they have to take care of their normal work (monthly targets and KRAs ).

*As customers, let us be aware of this and treat our bankers with patience and respect.
They are also human beings.

If we can stand in long queue for all others purpose then why not for changing currency for the betterment of our country.

Let us stand together one more time. Jai hind

(Pls forward this to all your friends to create this awareness.)

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