Thursday, November 10, 2016


Good morning friends...
As of my daily routine I know  all are waiting for my GOOD MORNING THOUGHT.

But Friends after loads of messages yesterday, it's time to be serious.

The withdrawal of notes is a very disruptive change & will impact everyone's life by way of income or expense or both.

I want to advise all my family members & friends the following:

1. Do not panic. There is no need to rush to banks on 11th to get new notes. There will be a lot of mess, let it cool down.

2. Keep only 3 things on your expense list - Food & grocery; travel and healthcare. Rest all should be avoided completely for next 2 weeks.

3. Food & grocery - small items purchase will not be affected. Prefer buying from super which can accept cards. Save money for cooking gas & milk (as no alternative). Online may also be an option.

4. Travel - railway & bus tickets are not affected. Public transport should be preferred. Autos involve smaller amounts. For taxis, prefer Ola, Uber etc. which can accept cards. Buy fuel with cards.

5. Healthcare - Find out chemists who accept cards. Order regular medicines online . Save money for doctors & general physicians (as no alternative). Hospitals & diagnostic centres usually accept cards / cheque.

6. Deposit of cash in bank account & exchange of old notes for new ones should be done with extreme care & understanding. Do it only after proper planning & consulting. Remember - No haste.
As a  professional financial planner and consultant it's my personal views plz be calm and also help others too.
Visit my office or fix a meeting for any types of financial advice regarding this financial crisis.

We are always at your service.

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