Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Some best practices in mutual funds investment :

1) Start SIP anytime. 
Don't think twice about whether its a right time or not.

2) Do not stop SIP when markets are dull or negative.
Infact this is the period which will help you 
accumulate units at lower prices.

3) Add lumpsum to your folio 
whenever there are significant dips in the market.

4) Don't compare your funds or fund returns 
with your friends' or colleagues' portfolio funds. 
Every investors risk profile is different.

5) Don't keep moving from one fund to other because of short term underperformance
 ( 6 months to 2 year).

6) When markets seem to be euphoric or over valued, s
Switch over from equity funds to safer funds.

7) Continue with your SIPs for longer term. 
Hold your investments for 7 to 10 year period at least to see the best returns.

8) Make a portfoli0 with the equity, debt, liquid and gold fund.
However equity must have a combination of large cap, mid cap/ small cap and sectoral funds.

9) Don't compare returns within your own funds. 
Look at overall return from your total investment.

10) Link your investments to some goal like retirement fund, 
education of children, marriage of children, Buying of house and so on.

Happy investing.
Take your decisions today.
Don't keep postponing for tomorrow because tomorrow never comes. contact us now

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