Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Topup your SIP NOW..

Nifty down from 11700 to 10300 in a very short period.

*What to do now??*

A lot of investors have started calling me to ask whether they should invest more at this time.
My answer is *Yes* provided you have a long term view of at least five years to stay invested.
If you looking for making some Quick Money by investing at this point of time, then My Answer is *NO*

The very nature of the market is to remain *Volatile*... and it is going to remain *Volatile* forever. Every fall in the market is followed by bounce back.

Historically, market falls are temporary and rise are gradual and permanent.

👉 *1) Harshad Mehta Scam (1992):* Sensex corrected by 54% in 1 year, it jumped 127% post that in 1 ½ years

👉 *2) 1996 Crisis: Sensex plunged 40% in over a 4 year period*, it jumped by 115% post that in little over 1 year

👉 *3) IT Bubble burst (2000): Sensex crashed by 56% in 1 ½ years*, it jumped 138% in 2 ½ years

👉 *4) Lehman Crisis (2008): Sensex crashed by 61% in 1 year*, it jumped by 157% in 1 ½ years post that

👉 *5) 2010: Sensex corrected by 28% in 1 year*, it jumped by 96% in 3 years post that

👉 *6) 2015: Sensex has corrected by 23% in 1 year,* and got handsome returns after that.

👉 *7) 2018: markets already 10 to 15% corrected from its peak*....Now what is NEXT ????

Now coming to another data..

*Year*     *Sensex*

1980           150
1990         1500
2000         6000
2010       21000
2018       38000

Think of year 2020, 2030, 2040 and beyond... You will be able to keep the noise out of your mind.

At this point of time, it reminds me the Golden lines of legendary investor Warren Buffett;
*Be greedy,*
        *when others are fearful..*
*Be fearful,*
         *when others are greedy.*

We firmly believe that *Wealth Creation* is a long term process. It will take time. There is no short cut to Wealth Creation.

*Three Golden Rules of Investing:*
1) Invest Early
2) Invest Regularly
3) Invest for Long Term

*In a nut shell,
What you should do now is,
Double up your SIPs or top up with Lump Sum investment... It is always beneficial to buy at discount.*


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