Thursday, December 13, 2018

MY INTERACTION with one of my client on 12.12.2018

MY INTERACTION with one of my client on 12.12.2018

Sensex up today by 600 points* :scream:

Manish : I am wondering Dr. AAA, why this market is going up n up in spite of RBI governor Urjit Patel resigned and BJP lost 3 states? 🤔

SAMPARK: You cannot predict SENSEX. Not even analysts. I always tell you, don't do market timing, time in the market is important for Wealth Creation. :yum:

Manish : Ya, true but why did this happen? :scream:

SAMPARK: Tell me how many vehicles were there in your society before 10 years and today?

Manish : more than double. :yum:

Manish : Have u upgraded your vehicle?

Manish : Yes.

SAMPARK: How was your salary before 10 years and today?

Manish : more than Double :grinning:

SAMPARK: Are u using same mobile which was used before 10 years?

Manish : No way.

SAMPARK: Then how can you expect degrowth in SENSEX. It is made up of companies. And those companies are growing and so you. And so SENSEX is growing.

Manish : But????

SAMPARK: Understand one thing.... UPA came and went, BJP came and will go, another government will come and will go, but your growth (meaning INDIANS) is permanent and India is made up of people like you. So India's growth is permanent and so Companies growth and so SENSEX's growth is permenant.

But yes..many corrections will come but they are temporary.

Manish : Oh..your quote..

*Correction is temporary and growth is permanent*

I will definitely tell my friends and family to invest more in equity mutual funds. Thanks you

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