Friday, December 10, 2010

Lessons from teachings of 24 Gurus:

1. Spider: Try; try until you succeed Endeavour and Whole creation web design. Moreover, its Intricacy from nowhere – (spirit).

2. Earth: Teaches endurance, Patience bountiful and benevolent.

3. Space: Accommodative and open minded.

4. Fire: Provides awareness knowledge & warmth.

5. Air: Atmosphere unaffected by good or bad.

6. Water: Path of least resistance confrontation and overcomes obstacles.

7. Sun: No- discrimination, treat everyone the same and alike will not differentiate.

8. Moon: Reminds to use moment in time judiciously and wisely.

9. Ocean: Not bothered whenever overwhelming over powering things happen.

10. Python: Contentment what so ever contented satisfied at the moment.

11. Lone Bangle: Too many people too many noise.

12. Honeybees: Take the best in every situation – give the best.

13. Honey-gatherer: Allocate share with all – apportion appropriately.

14. Moth: Control over sense of sight – not to befall for attraction.

15. Fish: Control over sense of taste. Otherwise lured by the bait and trapped.

16. Deer: Control over sense of hearing – not to become prey and victim to vices.

17. Elephant: Control over sense of touch – known for reminiscence.

18. Arrow maker: As a Marker and pointer – aimer acknowledged for concentration.

19. Pigeons: Look before you leap- Do not jump to conclusion.

20. Dancer: Not to depend on others.

21. Snake: Enjoy your own company not to get deceived.

22. Osprey: No attachment/affection.

23. Child: Innocence –for blamelessness- incorruptibility.

24. Larva: You can become what you think – Metamorphosis.

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