Friday, December 10, 2010

Personal development and communication skills:

1. One has to possess these skills as you go up in any Career for success.
2. These are the skills that help Family Life Happier

3. This leads to-Improved Social Life too.

Proceed to know how to improve people skill to a greater ability:

1. Skills as to how to Talk to people, seem to give Importance to people.

2. Human is a being, has emotion factor. It is important and varied. Better, know the nature of people.

3. Understand people and accept them as they are…

How important, do you know five senses of human beings:

Hearing, Seeing, Smell, Taste and Touch.

Permutation and Combination of above senses has Impact on the following aspects:

1. Learning process

2. Memory Retention

3. Recalling memory.

1. Out of what we just READ the information preserved is only 10%

2. Out of What we just HEAR (another sense) the information saved is only 20%

3. Out of what we SEE, the information retained is about 30%

4. Out what we SEE and HEAR (reading loudly), the Information maintained is about 50%

5. Out of what we TALK and what we want to TELL (Read & write/ practice), we can conserve around 70% of whole information.

6. Out of what we SAY what we want TO DO and DO that (read discuss and absorb), we keep 90% of Information in our memory and recall.

A. Talk and know how to become an interesting speaker.

B. Learn to thank when you want to show your gratitude and appreciation. People expect and deserve it.

C. Respect (admiration and pride with humility) each other determines how we conduct and behave each other.

D. Do not budge to Obligation and accept things on its face value.
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