Friday, December 10, 2010

Tips to improve public relations:

Man is a social animal and he can’t live alone in the society, hence he should observe some norms while dealing with his neighbors and/or at the working place. Good public relationships improve your life and enhance life productivity. Maintaining good relations is an important part of personality development.

16 tips to improve public relations:

1. Never exhibit dominating mentality and egoism is hindrance to our progress in our career.

2. Never utter anything irresponsibly and always keep in mind the consequences after uttering any wrong word.

3. In any affair or quarrel, have patience and tactics in dealing with that situation.

4. Don’t be under the impression that whatever you say is correct or whatever you do is perfect. You can never win through arguments. Arguments only ruin crucial relationships.

5. Eschew the narrow mindedness and always be broad minded. Always be open to criticism and new ideas.

6. First of all, verify the facts in whatever you listen, (remember there may be certain lies), before passing any adverse comments against anyone.

7. Never encourage rumors, as they spread like wild fire, causing irreversible damage to the prestige of others in the society. Rumors travel faster than the truth.

8. Abhor the greediness, but develop the noble quality of charity.

9. Don’t believe everything that comes to your ear, from other and outward sources. Just listen to that and apply your own intelligence and judgment.

10. Never try to see everything (especially small) in magnified lenses. Try to see through the eyes of others.

11. Don’t be stubborn but have some flexibility while dealing with settlements with others.

12. Smile before speaking with others, as smile costs nothing but fetches more.

13. Never show that there is deficiency of love in you, instead talk to others lovingly.

14. Show obedience and give ample respect o others.

15. Whenever any dispute arises with your colleagues or business partners, take initiative yourself to solve that problem, instead waiting for their early initiative.

16. Get rid of the habit of telling all your personal matters to others, including to your dear and near. Everyone should maintain some personal secrecy. Secretes never be shared, but always be safely covered.

If you can follow these simple tips in your daily life, you will experience fruitful life through enhanced relationships.
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