Thursday, February 21, 2019

Investment Lessons from Mahabharat :

The Kauravas trusted blindly in their uncle, Shakuni, who did not guide them correctly.

Lesson: Bad financial advice can impact your entire life negatively. Check the credentials of your Advisor and keep asking questions till you do not understand the pitch, and avoid mis-selling if the product doesn't suit you.

Yudhishthira lost everything, including their wife, Draupadi, in the game of dice.

Lesson: Addiction to anything can have grave adverse effects. Asset allocation & Diversification is the key. You should know your limits in Equity, and how much to invest in Debt.

Krishna’s guidance helped Pandavas emerge victorious in the war.

Lesson: Wrong instrument choices and poor performance can be resolved with the right strategy.

Abhimanyu knew how to enter the battlefield but didn’t know how to exit, which, ultimately, led to his death.

Lesson: Half knowledge is a dangerous thing. Don't enter into any investment vehicle, until you have an exit strategy.

Moral : Always take professional advice before doing any financial decision.

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