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FAQs on Indian Banking to understand it better....part 3


FAQs on Indian Banking to understand it better....part 2

51. Fixed Deposit (FD)Account may be opened for a
minimum period of:
Ans: 7 days

52. What is the minimum amount required to open
a Fixed Deposit (FD)?
Ans: Rs.1000

53. The Banks has converted all ‘no - frills'
accounts’ into:
Ans: Basic Savings Bank Deposit Accounts

54. 'Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana' is a Scheme
Ans: Financial inclusion

55. How much overdraft facility to be provided in
'Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana' scheme?
Ans: Rs. 5,000

56. In CBS, C stands for:
Ans: Core

57. In CRAR, A stands for:
Ans: Assets (Capital to Risk Weighted Assets Ratio)

58. IMPS - Immediate Payment Service is an
interbank electronic instant mobile money transfer
service through mobile phones in India, the facility
is provided by:
Ans: NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India)

59. The Central Bank of India has adopted new
measure of inflation:
Ans: Consumer Price Index (CPI)

60. When a cheque is torn into two or more pieces
and presented for payment, such a cheque is
Ans: mutilated cheque

61. How much fee charged to file a complaint
under Banking Ombudsman? Ans: Banking
Ombudsman does not charge any fee

62. Who is the appellate authority in Banking
Ans Deputy Governor of RBI 63. If any customer is
not satisfied by the decision of Banking
Ombudsman, customer can appeal against the
award before the appellate authority within how
many days from the date of receipt?
Ans 30 days

64. ATMs or Cash Dispensing machine which are
owned and operated by Non-Banking Financial
Companies are called:
Ans: White Label ATMs.

65. RBI gave in-principle for Banking license to:
Ans: IDFC and Bandhan

66. Minimum capital requirement for new banks in
private sector is:
Ans: Rs. 500 crore

67. A Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) is a
company registered under the:
Ans: Companies Act, 1956

68. Minimum capital requirement for Non-Banking
Financial Company (NBFC) is:
Ans: Rs. 500 crore

69. The NBFCs are allowed to accept/renew public
deposits for a minimum period of:
Ans: 12 months ( and maximum period of 60

70. A NBFCs cannot offer interest rates higher
than the ceiling rate prescribed by RBI? What is
the present ceiling?
Ans: 12.5 per cent per annum

71. Minimum capital requirement for Foreign banks
that want to set up operations in India is:
Ans: Rs. 500 crore

72. What is the minimum paid-up capital
requirement of both small banks and payments
banks in India?

73. RBI extended the timeline for full

implementation of Basel III norms till:

Ans: 31 March 2019

74. SLR ((Statutory Liquidity Ratio)is the amount

a commercial banks needs to maintain in the form

of _______before providing credit to its


Ans: cash, or gold, or govt. approved securities


75. _______ is the rate at which banks borrow

funds overnight from the Reserve Bank of India

(RBI) against approved government securities.

Ans: Marginal Standing Facility (MSF) 

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srinivasan said...

Very useful information for all

srinivasan said...

Very useful information for all

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